3 Types of Casual Dating (& Which is Right for You)

I am the self professed queen of keeping it casual. I choose to keep my relationships casual because I’m a selfish bitch (in the best way possible obviously). Let’s be real, whether you’re a guy who is more interested in sleeping around or if you’re a boss who’s too focused on your career, keeping it casual is just what works for a lot of us.

But casual dating doesn’t just have one face. There are plenty of sects of casual dating that you may want to choose to participate in. Ultimately I usually have a combination of these kinds of relationships going on to keep me (and my vagina) happy and carefree.

Here are a few types of casual dating and a few notes on them to see if this style is right for you!

  1. One Night Wonders 
    This style of dating barely boarders on dating. It’s more centered around hooking up. This is where you have a ton of one night stands, with a few repeat offenders. This style is great for people who want fleeting yet passionate connections with people. I would recommend being a One Night Wonder if your lifestyle requires you to travel a lot.
  2. Fuck Buddies
    If you’re like me, you don’t like people in your bed. I might be a freak, but I hate cuddling. If I eventually get married or move in with some unfortunate soul, I want two beds… The Crown style.
    Fuck buddies are great when you find a sexual connection with someone that’s too hot to let go, or if you don’t like to sleep with a different person every night. This is a safe bet because you won’t get your feelings hurt (if you do things right) and you’ll have good sex!
    Plus, since there’s little emotional connection there you won’t feel guilty about telling them their Uber’s here as you take up the entire bed.
  3. Friends with Benefits 
    If you need a little emotional connection to keep your kitty happy, then you should opt for a friends with benefits situation. This can spawn from a friendship as well as a fuck buddy or a one night stand. Just keep an eye out for someone you can actually stand to be around for more than sexy time. These are the kind of people you let spend the night and maybe hang out with in group settings.
    But this is also the riskiest type of arrangement as far as feelings go. You might find yourself getting all romantic with this person… in that case you can either choose to run or start an actual relationship.
    That being said, this relationship is good for people who need stability or are too busy for finding anything too spontaneous like a One Night Wonder might be able to do.